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Dust Fleet
Dust Fleet key art.jpg
Genre RTS, 4X
Developer Orbiting Disco
Publisher Freedom Games
Release date August 23, 2023
Platform PC SteamEpic Games Store
Price Unknown

Dust Fleet is an upcoming RTS 4X space fleet management game. It is the first game from development studio Orbiting Disco, and is published by Freedom Games.

Dust Fleet will release into Steam Early Access on August 23, 2023.

Official description

It's the 24th century and the colonization of space is not going well. Hyperspace opened the door to the stars, but habitable worlds are few and far in between, overpopulation is still rampant, and our civilization's appetite for resources has only increased. For over a hundred years, the incredibly rich Dust Zone sated this endless appetite, jointly controlled by the United Earth Nations and the Zone Mining Cooperative. But humanity’s fighting chance only lasted for a short hundred years.

Now, it has gone dark. Freighters stopped arriving with supply hauls and humanity is facing an unprecedented crisis. It's up to the commander of UEN's finest fleet, to deploy into the Dust Zone, investigate, and solve the supply chain crisis before it spirals out of control. It's time to demonstrate strategic aptitude in a turn-based management mode. Then, head to the front lines and channel your inner commander in intense, real-time space battles.

Command the fleet
  • Command an entire space fleet and survive in the most hostile environment known to man. Secure strategic nodes, harvest the Dust Zone's resources, and expand the fleet to confront the threat to humanity's survival.
  • Customize each individual ship using a detailed designer. Upgrade every vessel with newly researched hulls, modules, and of course, weapons. Every upgrade matters, not just on the ships themselves.
  • Complete side missions to unlock additional fleet stations and strategic options. These can provide one-of-a-kind bonuses in battles, from extra build queues to support powers - potentially turning the tide of the battle at hand or even the entire war.
Lead warships to battle
  • Take command of a custom fleet in intense 4x real-time tactical battles, maneuvering them in a fully 3D combat space.
  • Employ complex, tactical maneuvers to gain the upper hand and defeat superior foes through cunning and strategic brilliance.
  • Summon reinforcements and support powers from adjacent sectors to influence the direction of the battle.
More than meets the eye
  • Never give up and keep the fight going in the Sector Assault mode to generate a fully randomized starmap, side missions, and enemies, for fresh challenges each time.
  • Use the robust campaign editor and mod.io integration to create and easily share new campaigns with fellow players and craft personalized challenges!

Release history

Date Event
August 23, 2023 Expected release date

System requirements

From Steam
OS Windows XP SP2+
Processor Intel i5
Memory 4 GB RAM
Graphics 512MB, DirectX9
DirectX Version 11
Storage 1 GB available space
OS Windows 7/8.1/10
Processor Intel i5
Memory 8 GB RAM
Graphics 2GB, DirectX11
DirectX Version 11
Storage 1 GB available space

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